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Road Department

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Ronnie Goodman
Road Supervisor

Address: 501 Bacon Creek Rd
Elizabethtown, Ky

Phone: 270-737-6046

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Kevin Thomas
Asst. Road Supervisor

Snow Information
The Hardin County Road Department is responsible for snow and ice control on county maintained roads. Hardin County currently has 889 roads equaling 589 miles of road to maintain. The Road Department has divided the county into five areas for snow removal. Within each area, there are priority roads, secondary roads that may be part of, or lead to, a subdivision, and subdivision roads. The priority roads for snow removal were developed by identifying a basic system of roads essential to the continuation of traffic movement.

Examples of priority roads maintained by the Hardin County Road Department are as follows:

Area 1: Upper Colesburg Road, Lower Colesburg Road, Wooldridge Ferry Road, Tunnel Hill Road, Bewley Hollow Road, Pear Orchard Road. For a complete list of priority roads in Area 1, click here.

Area 2: Springfield Road, Miller Road, Middle Creek Road, Locust Grove Road, Sportsman Lake Road. For a complete list of priority roads in Area 2, click here.

Area 3: Bacon Creek Road, Gaither Station Road, Star Mills-Eastview Road, Star Mills Road, E. White Mills-Glendale Road. For a complete list of priority roads in Area 3, click here.

Area 4: Constantine Road, Pierce Mills Road, Mount Olive Road, Horn Road, Yates Chapel Road, Meeting Creek Road. For a complete list of priority roads in Area 4, click here.

Area 5: Deckard School Road, Boone Road, Thomas Road, New Salem Church Road, Berrytown Road, Long Hollow Road. For a complete list of priority roads in Area 5, click here.

Once the priority roads have been cleared of snow, the Road Department will begin clearing the secondary roads. Examples of secondary roads are as follows:

Area 1: Master Lane, Quail Hollow Road, Happy Hollow Road, Sherwood Drive, Arbor Lane, Bates Road, Optimist Road

Area 2: Lincoln Drive, Fowler Lane, Valley Creek Lane, Larue Lane, Kings Way, Ford Road

Area 3: Partridge Way, Crump Lane, Monin Lane, Amish Road, Lambert Lane

Area 4: Goodman Lane, Vertrees Church Road, Tom Duvall Road, Cann School Lane, Drane Lane, Johnson Lane, Probus Lane

Area 5: Bratcher Lane, Pickerall Lane, Forrest Trace, Blackburn Road, Walnut Creek Lane, Beagle Club Lane

The State of Kentucky Department of Transportation covers all Interstates and state roads such as Highway 31W, Highway 84, Highway 86, Highway 62, Highway 313. The State of Kentucky Department of Transportation also covers roads such as 1357 (St. John Road) and 1600 (Rineyville Road).

Rock Salt is the most widely used de-icing agent in Hardin County because of its cost of effectiveness. When the temperature is above 25 degrees, salt can melt several inches of snow and prevent or reduce the bonding of compacted snow to the pavement surface.

Depending on the expected conditions, the Road Department will be proactive and apply salt brine to roads to try and keep ice and snow from bonding to the pavement. Brine can only be used when the roads are dry.

The objective of the Road Department is to provide winter roadway safety to the traveling public in the most reasonable, efficient and effective manner. Below are simple suggestions that you can do:

The amount of snow, the type of snow and/or ice, and the duration of the storm affect the time it takes to complete work on each priority road. Therefore, a specific completion time cannot be given.

Snow Removal Routes

Full Map

Priority Roads

Area 1 Map

Area 2 Map

Area 3 Map

Area 4 Map

Area 5 Map

Besides snow and ice removal, the Road Department is also responsible for:

Mowing: A mowing crew consists of teams of tractors who work in different areas of the county mowing the right-of-ways. The mowing crew also has a boom mower that will be maintaining grass, trees, or other obstacles around any bridges and guardrails.

Trimming Tree: A tree trimming crew ensures low hanging limbs, or invalid trees do not block the right-of-ways. This crew will also prevent any future problems concerning the blocking of roadways if necessary.

Maintaining a Fleet of Ambulances, and other County Equipment: The maintenance shop services the ambulances, as well as other county department vehicles. The mechanics work two shifts in order to ensure maintenance needs are met.

Repairing and installing road signs: A sign repair crew repairs or replaces signs as needed to ensure safe travel by the residents of the county is achievable. The sign crew is also required to maintain the visibility of each sign which may require tree or occasional brush trimming.

Paving Roads: The paving crew consists of a fleet of tandem dump trucks, oil truck, standard roller and paver. Whether the paving crew is paving or patching, the safety of motorists is recognized by the “Work Zone Area“ signs.

County Recycling Program: The Road Department plays a key role in the recycling program by providing a driver to haul recycling trailers to their designated location. With help from the inmate work program the recyclable material is kept organized. The maintenance shop also keeps the trailers in good working order, making sure they are easily accessible.

If you need information on Street Standards, click here.

If you need information on Encroachment Permit Fees, click here.